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We Buy Houses in Fairfax VA FAST!

Is your home falling apart? Are you behind on taxes? Find out how you can get an attractive cash offer on your home with UrbanX Development, no matter its condition.

No Agent Fees

While a real estate agent may provide advice to help you sell your home, you could end up paying exorbitant listing fees and closing costs. At UrbanX Development, we buy houses for cash without the typical closing costs. No hidden fees, guaranteed!

You Set Closing Date

We can close and get you your cash in hand in as little as 7 days — or longer if that’s what you need! It’s up to you.

Avoid Hassle

No need to deal with the mountains of paperwork you’ll receive from real estate investors. All you need to do is sign over your property for a no-obligation offer.

We Buy All Fairfax Homes

Quick House Buyers In Fairfax, Virginia

Do you want to sell your home quickly without the hassle of online listings, costly inspections, and long waits? You’ve come to the right cash home buyer! Unlike other real estate companies, we buy houses no matter what condition they may be in.

If you’re looking for someone to “buy my house fast,” stop searching and close with us in just seven days. Contact UrbanX Development today to receive a hassle-free cash offer you can’t refuse.

UrbanX Development

Why You Should Choose Our Fairfax, Virginia Home Buyers

Google “sell my house fast,” and you’ll find hundreds of companies that buy houses for cash. What makes our company different? Below are a few reasons our buying services are a step above the rest:

100% Cash Offer

Unlike most real estate agencies that need loan approval to buy houses, we can make an upfront cash offer and give you 100% of the money! Plus, you won’t have to worry about the hassles of real estate commissions.

No Paperwork

Are you tired of filling out hundreds of pages of property information? Are you sitting on a sale because of a tedious document-signing process? With us, all you need to do is meet the Virginia home buying criteria – no more long hours pouring over paperwork.

Quick Closing

When working with a traditional real estate agent, anything from missing paperwork to back taxes can get in the way of closing your sale. At UrbanX Development, we cut this process in half – you can sell your house for cash in as quickly as seven days!

Sell Your Home As-Is

Yes, you can sell a home in poor condition. We buy houses regardless of their condition. Even if your roof is caving in, we can buy your home. Don’t waste time and money on property repairs; our company will make you a reasonable cash offer.

No Additional Fees

Closing costs typically reduce your profit, but not at Urban X. Virginia homeowners who sell their houses for cash will receive the entirety of our cash offer. Say goodbye to listing fees, repair costs, and hidden charges. Our home buyers will get you the best deal on the market!

Ample Experience

Our company has been in the business for over a decade. We have paid cash for hundreds of homes and have worked with just as many satisfied clients. You can be assured that our knowledgeable and experienced employees will provide the professional service that makes our company one of the best in the country.

We Buy Homes For Cash!

Fairfax, Virginia Home Buyers

If you live in a less-than-desirable location, struggle with numerous repairs, or are unable to afford your taxes, there’s no reason you shouldn’t sell your home to UrbanX Development. We buy houses as-is with a generous cash offer you’ll love. Fill out our contact form today to sell your home as quickly as possible.

Sell fast with no commission fees!

What Types Of Houses Can You Sell?

Are you worried about selling your home because of its poor condition? Don’t be. We’ll pay cash for any of the following types of houses:

Houses With Tax Problems

If you’re behind on taxes, selling your house to a real estate agent is nearly impossible. You might be on the road to foreclosure, but even that is not a problem with us. Despite the financial circumstance, we buy homes and help homeowners escape legal problems and obtain the money they deserve.

Old, Damaged Houses

Most people do not want to buy a property that needs significant repairs – except us. If your Virginia home has incurred damage from flooding, fires, or termites, you won’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on repairs. We buy houses even in the worst condition.

Rental Property With Tenant Issues

Have tenants wrecked your property? If you need to sell quickly, you don’t need to worry about any damage they may have caused. Our investors will give you a fair price for any Virginia home – we’ll take care of the work for you.

Homes With Mold

If mold has made your property less-than-desirable on the real estate market, don’t stress. We’ll make you a reasonable cash offer and take care of remediation ourselves.

Condemned Properties

If your property is deemed unfit to live in, you can still sell your house quickly. You don’t have to spend more than you can afford on repairs – our home buyers can take the burden off your hands and replace it with cash.


What Our Customers Say...

I had a great pleasure working with Joseph. The county almost auctioned my house due to property tax delinquent. Joseph helped me to avoid the auction. I had many offers on buying my home, but I decided to sell my home to Joseph. He gave me the best offer among other real estate companies. He was a sincere, trustworthy, and professional real estate agent. I highly recommend working with Joseph.
Jim P.
Jim P.
11:31 15 Oct 21
Joe & NANAMI are very professional, but at the same time very caring of the seller’s financial situation. For me, I was living hand to mouth for some time. They asked if I would accept some help and I said yes. They forwarded the tenant’s security deposit to me, plus October’s rent on top of that so I would be able to stay at a decent motel until my husband arrives from Florida. They walked me through every step of the way so I wasn’t surprised or caught off guard. They are truly hard working people building a solid reputation one client at a time. I will recommend them to future sellers, they’re a fantastic team!! You just can’t go wrong with their advice. They compliment each other in their knowledge of real estate. I’m very happy knowing they help people like me.
Patricia V.
Patricia V.
21:09 12 Oct 21
I recently sold my house located at 8315 Ramsgate Ct. Alexandria VA to the UrbanX Home company owned and run by Joseph Nguyen and his wife Nanami Motoyama. They made this experience very pleasant for me. Joseph is a very knowledgeable and experienced business man. He proved to be trustworthy and true to his word. I would not hesitate to use him in the future. Using his company was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Federick S.
Federick S.
23:11 21 Sep 21
Working with Joseph was a delight. He is exceedingly professional and responsive. I never felt pressured during the entire process of selling my home, from negotiating a fair price through to settlement. Excellent service from an excellent agent. I would highly recommend working with him.
Jeff B.
Jeff B.
17:13 14 Sep 21
Joseph Nguyen was a pleasure to work with in selling our property. He consistently stayed in contact in order to help us navigate the home selling process. Extremely helpful and professional.
Steven W.
Steven W.
22:05 29 Jun 21
Working with Joseph at UrbanX was fantastic. He is very knowledgeable about every aspect of the industry, and most of all honest and trustworthy. He gave me a very fair price for my home, as is, and walked me through every step of the way from start to finish, going above and beyond. I didn't have to do anything, he did it all for me. It was stress free. An amazing experience especially considering I was apprehensive going into it. I would wholeheartedly recommend Joseph for anyone looking to sell their home. In addition to being my real estate agent, I consider him a good friend. Truly amazing person and very professional.
Karen G.
Karen G.
16:32 26 Mar 21
As first-time sellers, Joseph and Nanami’s expertise was invaluable to us. They were incredibly supportive with the process of getting our home on the market and navigating the steps of the sale. We could always count on them to respond quickly and they gave their advice with transparency. Extremely trustworthy and professional.
Amanda P.
Amanda P.
16:58 17 Mar 21
Joseph was a very proactive and well informed realtor for us. He was always very professional in communicating with us, very timely in answering our questions and helping us get our house ready to be on the market. Living in Reston, there are many additional considerations regarding HOAs and Joseph helped us navigate through the entire process of listing. He was a great help to me and my family - I recommend him - he was easy to work with and will go above and beyond to help you!
Amol P.
Amol P.
14:45 17 Mar 21
I’m happy with Joseph’s service: as my real estate agent, he had found for me a house within my budget and he has given me good advice afterwards to remodel it as he is a contractor as well.I would recommend his service to anyone who is looking for an experienced real estate agent.Karen Bui
Karen B.
Karen B.
20:14 19 Jan 21
18:39 27 Sep 19
My agent Joe N. of UrbanX Home saved me from having to deal with a challenging property sale. In short, I handed him my keys and he took the on the responsibility of making the sale happen within 30 days. I am very pleased with the service he provided.
Brooks W.
Brooks W.
13:16 27 Sep 19
I have the pleasure of working with Joseph Nguyen of UrbanX Development for sale of my Fairfax home. He clearly explained the contract, was honest, flexible and dependable. Settlement went well, better still he was courteous and respectful sales agent. I highly recommend Joe Nguyen and UrbanX Development as a prospective RE company.
Kathryn G.
Kathryn G.
01:41 21 Sep 19
I give top stars to Joseph Nguyen, the realtor who helped me to sell my house hassle free. He gathered detailed research on housing values in my area. Using this research, he helped me to arrive at a reasonable, market-friendly selling price, on that ended up higher than I initially anticipated. He was always courteous, polite and resourceful. At every step of the way, he offered sound advice and guidance on dealing with the complexities of selling my home. I highly recommend Mr. Nguyen to anyone seeking a highly professional and efficient realtor who can get the job done.
Wayne B.
Wayne B.
01:51 12 Sep 19
Knowledgable about real estates in DC. Great to work with!
Anhquan N.
Anhquan N.
02:18 02 May 19
Joseph was amazing! This transition was hard and involved a lot of tears from house family had been in sine 1950's. His negotiation skills and understanding was amazing! Joseph will be missed dearly by my family! His humor also helped lighten many awkward situations. I highly recommend Joseph! Stephanie Barnes - Falls Church, VA
Joseph N.
Joseph N.
13:54 20 Feb 19